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2019: Why local government financial autonomy is realisable – APC



The All Progressives Congress, APC, in Akwa Ibom State has insisted that local government financial autonomy proposed in the manifesto of its governorship candidate, Obong Nsima Ekere is realistic.

This was in reaction to the controversy and criticism by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that granting an autonomy to local government councils is an illusion “unless there would be constitutional amendment.”

The Spokesperson of the APC governorship campaign Organisation in Akwa Ibom, Honourable. Eseme Eyibo addressing journalists in Uyo on Tuesday, said anybody disputing the reality of financial autonomy of the local government does not have full grasp of philosophy of governance.

Hon Eyiboh, described the PDP’s position as an attempt to discredit the new vision of development being propounded by the APC governorship candidate.

According to him, “A lot of people in the Peoples Democratic party and some other people have argued that enforcement of local government autonomy is not possible unless there is constitutional amendment.

“They are clearly trying to discredit our principal, Obong Nsima Ekere, who is going to introduce rural development.”

He argued that making local governments the focal point of constitutional democracy as Ekere has promised was possible but required courage, understanding and appreciation of the requirements of the law and that it also required a man who has the capacity to differentiate between politics and governance.

“What our principal is saying is that because of his pedigree in public service career, he has been a deputy governor, the chairman of Akwa Ibom Investment Promotion Council and now the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission.

“He has promised to make the local government the focals of constitutional democracy, it requires courage, understanding and appreciation of the requirement of the law and of course it requires a man who has the capacity to differentiate between politics and governance,” Eyiboh said.

Eyiboh, who is also the Chairman of the Cross River Basin Development Authorities, said the argument by the PDP and other people doubting the possibility of triggering development in the local government is a mirage.

He further argued that if the 3 percent of the internally generated Revenue is remitted to the local government councils as stated in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria there would be healthy operations in the councils.